Loans for freelancers and the self-employed

Topic overview: Loan for the self-employed – so artisans and the self-employed receive favorable financing What is a loan for self-employed? The independent financial platform for loans for freelancers and the self-employed. Loan for freelancers on favorable terms. However, if it is a personal loan, they often encounter resistance from the banks. The self-employed have a disadvantage in the lending compared to other occupational groups: their income is very different (eg through seasonal benefits, late payments, etc.) and their income is irregular.

Credit for freelancers

Credit for freelancers

One of the most important tasks of the freelance employee in the financial sector is to ensure that sufficient funds are available at all times. 2. In both cases these are the credits provided by the account-holding house bank. Overdraft facilities are primarily comparable to employee overdrafts.

Overdrafts and call-offs have the disadvantage that fees are only charged for the effectively utilized debit interest. As a freelancer, the loan is also very valuable to you. The supplier credit is, as the name implies, granted by the provider (supplier) of a thing or service in the sense of a payment deferral.

This type of loan is also used primarily for short-term liquidity acquisition and security. Medium and long-term loans, which can be very attractive to you as freelancers, mainly include loans for freelancers and the self-employed as installment loans from banks, promotional and start-up loans from banks, federal states and municipalities as well as various real estate loans.

In contrast to consumer credit, which employees can use in a variety of ways, freelance credit, for example, is often awarded as installment loan by a few banks. Finally, credit institutions consider loans for the self-employed to be particularly risky. Thus, the barriers to granting loans are greater than for employees. What a self-employed person often rejects is well described in this post by the short-term credit company Venture Capital.

If you are a freelancer and can not get a loan from a house bank, you can consider a P2P loan (a private-to-private loan) as a viable option. These loans have gained in popularity in recent years and are increasingly being awarded via online credit marketplaces. Credit institutions only lend their cash to someone who is able to repay the loan amount.

This is another factor that makes it so difficult for startups to even apply for a loan.

This is another factor that makes it so difficult for startups to even apply for a loan.

Most banks want to prove that the borrower has been successful for two or three years and that money is regularly drained during this period. Many banks also need a business valuation (BWA) to get an overview of the borrower’s business and economic condition.

Because every loan has its own special requirements – especially the government support loans, where you as a freelancer receive advantageous conditions – you should inform yourself on our website in the respective column exactly about the desired loan type.

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