10 Movies To Watch If You Liked Love In The Villa

Fans of the romantic comedy genre were thrilled with the release of love at the villa, now available on Netflix. Although the film has the romantic cliché of two people falling in love, it adds a touch of a vacation in Italy and a villa to set the romance in motion between two tourists.

Romantic comedies like love at the villa are everywhere, ranging from older classics like Vacations with modern features such as Holidays. With love at the villa no doubt leaving viewers wanting more, it’s best to watch movies that have their own take on the romantic material the film is proud of.


The Vacation (2006)

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Whereas Vacations might not be among Cameron Diaz’s biggest critical hits, she headlined this feel-good romantic comedy that’s melting the hearts of millions of fans. Vacations is about Diaz’s character, Amanda, who swaps houses with British woman Iris, played by Kate Winslet, with the two falling in love in the countries they visited.

love at the villa is similar about two people falling in love by chance, with Vacations play on this aspect by emphasizing the ephemeral nature of the characters’ romance. Vacations remains a film appreciated for its windy nature, and love at the villa will probably agree.

Guaranteed Love (2020)

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Love, guaranteed is considered one of the best romantic comedies about online dating, causing a stir upon its initial release. The film tells the story of a lawyer who goes after a client, who wants to sue a dating site for sending him on hundreds of unsuccessful dates – the couple then inevitably fall for one. the other.

Love, guaranteed it’s pretty predictable, but that’s exactly how it is love at the villa is too. This latest film shares the themes of finding love in unexpected places with Love, guaranteed. It’s quite a mushy but well-meaning movie that fans of the romantic comedy genre will have a blast with.

Wedding Season (2022)

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wedding season proved to be a comeback for the rom-com genre, having been well received. The film is about protagonists Ravi and Asha who agree to pretend to be a couple to keep their nosy parents from pressuring them. As expected, the couple’s fake relationship turns into a real one.

love at the villa fans will connect to wedding seasonin which the characters begin to have nothing to do with each other before realizing that they are more than compatible. wedding season also manages to add some emotional depth to the story that gives the finale a much-needed payoff.

Single Until the End (2021)

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Single until the end is the best movie for hopeless LGBTQ romantics, with a proven premise that promises a happy ending. The story is about a perpetually single man who convinces his best friend to pretend to be his boyfriend to satisfy his family, only for them to fall in love for real.

Although Single until the end differs from love at the villa as for the friendship aspect, the silhouette of the characters falling in love with each other when they hadn’t planned to tie the two movies together. Single until the end has a light tone like love at the villa which should appeal to rom-com fans everywhere.

Letters to Juliet (2010)

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Amanda Seyfried continued her professional ascent with Letters for Juliet, where she played Sophie, a woman hoping to find passionate love. Sophie helps an older woman who is looking for her former lover, during which she falls in love with the woman’s grandson.

Letters for Juliet and love at the villa the two have love interests that initially cannot support each other until they learn their sensitive side. The films also offer some beautiful vistas to admire, which are tied to the eventual love that blossoms between the main characters.

Destination Wedding (2018)

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Although it does not rank among the best films with Winona Ryder, its pairing with Keanu Reeves does destination wedding a feature not to be missed. The story tells of two cynical people who cross paths and fall in love while attending a wedding and neither wants to attend.

destination wedding and love at the villa are very similar in that the protagonists are forced to spend time together and their experience together changes their outlook on love. destination wedding takes a relatively pessimistic approach that still works due to the personality of the main characters.

Jab Harry meets Sejal (2017)

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Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has a prolific track record in the romance genre and has ventured into travel rom-com territory with Jab Harry meets Sejal. The story sees Anushka Sharma’s Sejal seek the services of travel guide Harry, with the two going on an adventure across Europe which leads to them developing feelings for each other.

Jab Harry meets Sejal is a scenic film that capitalizes on the beautiful backdrop, which is what love at the villa also seeks to highlight. Fans of the latter will also appreciate the chemistry between the protagonists of Jab Harry met Sejal, which features quite a bit of comedy to go along with the romance it contains.

Falling in love from the hostel (2018)

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Hostel love fall represented Netflix’s growing interest in romantic comedies, having been part of the influx of films in the genre. It follows the arrival of the cynical Gabriela in New Zealand after winning a hostel, and teams up with local man Jake to renovate the hostel as their relationship grows into something more.

Hostel love fall is the usual that entertains fans of the genre, but its comfortable feel and wholesomeness make it hard to resist. love at the villa goes in the same direction as Hostel love fallboth in spirit and in the overall presentation one expects from Netflix rom-coms.

Vacation (2020)

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Holidays follows two losers in love who are tired of being single and come to terms with being each other’s plusess at every social gathering. The two quickly fall in love and consider making things official, but their unusual situation proves to be an obstacle.

Holidays is something of a slow burner until the anticipated finale, but the journey to the end is filled with laughs and romance. This makes it comparable to Love at the Villa, which is also awaiting the grand finale for the love interests to take the next step in their relationship.

Made in Italy (2020)

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Liam Neeson appeared with his son Micheál Richardson in Made in Italy, which follows their characters, Robert and Jack. The latter tries to sell the Italian house that his deceased mother left him, but his stay in the village makes him appreciate his father, as well as the growing relationship he develops there with a woman.

Made in Italy balances its romantic elements with the dynamic between father and son for what is a unique romantic comedy-drama. Its resemblance to love at the villa mostly comes from the same backdrop, as both films emphasize just how much the naturally charming Italian setting has on the people in it.

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