A man wanted by warrant was found hiding in the attic of an apartment

July 9 – A Brownsville man charged with breaching a restraining order and charged with ongoing violence against a family member was found hiding in the attic of an apartment on Old Port Isabel Road in Brownsville, the authorities said. authorities.

Jose Guadalupe Rios, 29, allegedly climbed into the attic of the apartment to avoid arrest, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department said in a Facebook post Friday.

Authorities said 28-year-old Aria Abigail Amaya, believed to be Rios’ common-law wife, was also arrested for obstructing Rios’ arrest.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon when Cameron County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the apartment in reference to a welfare concern for three children ages 5, 8 and 9, the authorities said. authorities.

A concerned citizen told deputies that Rios was a wanted subject and was inside the apartment, officials said. According to the sheriff’s message, the citizen said the children were scared because Rios arrived at the apartment with bloodstains on his shirt. Children also complained of being hungry and having nothing to eat, authorities said.

When investigators arrived at the apartment, they identified themselves as officers as they knocked on the apartment door. “Children were looking out the window crying with scared faces,” the post said.

Investigators kept knocking on the door, but no one answered. After hearing sounds of what appeared to be a fight and banging inside the apartment, ‘investigators fearing for the children’s safety kicked the front door under urgent circumstances’ , indicates the message.

The children were safely removed from the apartment and as investigators looked around they noticed broken plasterboard on the kitchen ceiling, the post said. Under the broken plasterboard was a refrigerator that had been moved.

Authorities said it appeared Rios had used the refrigerator to gain access to the attic and was hiding there.

After talking to Rios for about 20 minutes, investigators were able to get him off and he was arrested without incident, according to the post.

Amaya, who is the children’s mother, was charged with obstructing arrest and transported and held at Carrizales Rucker Detention Center, authorities said. The children were placed in the care of a family member.

Rios was arrested Feb. 3 by Brownsville police for assaulting his common-law wife, said investigator Martin Sandoval, spokesman for the Brownsville Police Department. A protective order was later placed against Rios.

On March 19, police found a vehicle in the middle of the road on Southmost Boulevard with his common-law wife inside, police said. “When the officer came down he noticed the woman had been assaulted and she told him it was Jose Guadalupe Rios who assaulted her,” Sandoval said.

The couple had been to South Padre Island and when they were driving back he began to assault her, Sandoval said. The woman managed to pull the keys out of the ignition, which caused the vehicle to stop in the middle of the road, he said.

When investigators began talking to him and ran Rios’ name through a database, they discovered he had a protective order against him, police said. That’s when two arrest warrants were issued for him, which included breach of a protective order and continued abuse by a family member, Sandoval said.