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Public hearings and debate on the green lane on the agenda

A A handful of public hearings will be on the Beacon Planning Board’s agenda on Tuesday (November 9).

364 Main Street

A hearing on a proposal to build a three-story residential and commercial building will focus on the potential environmental impacts of the project, including on schools and roads.

The developer announced in August that the proposal had been reduced from a four-story building to three-story, meaning it no longer requires a special use permit from city council.

According to documents submitted to council last month, the developer also plans to eliminate the old bank drive-thru lane on the west side of the property, replacing it with a one-story addition that expands the space. commercial at approximately 9,500 square feet and incorporates new landscaping features. Access to the site will be via Main Street – on the east side of the building – with the exit to Eliza Street.

Private terraces would be built above the one-story addition for four apartments on the second floor. The first floor would be commercial space and 1,500 square feet of common space for residents. There will be 20 apartments on the second and third floors. Forty-two off-street parking spaces – three more than necessary – will be provided.

Disembarking the ferry

Council will hold a second public hearing on minor changes to the development of six townhouses under construction on the former “Welcome to Beacon” sign site on Beekman Street, across from the Metro-North station.

The project was approved in 2018, but the developer is proposing changes to the site plan as part of a request to subdivide the townhouses into townhouse lots. The remainder of the land, nearly 19,000 square feet, will be a common lot belonging to an association of owners.

248 avenue Tioronda.

Planning Board will continue to review a proponent’s request to modify the approved site plan. Much of this discussion centered on the Green Lane and Fishkill Creek Heritage Trail, which will cross the property and up to 9D / Wolcott Ave, where it will connect across the street with the development 23-28 Creek Drive.

The developer of Project 248 is proposing a walking path ascending and leveling at 9D, where trail users will use the crosswalk to cross the street. On side 23-28, the developer withdrew their intention to connect to the trail below the 9D Bridge, using a Metropolitan Transportation Authority right-of-way. Instead, the project will revert to the original greenway proposal – a metal staircase leading to 9D.

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