Bronx woman says she’s been dealing with apartment leaks and flooding for years

A woman from the Bronx says her apartment has leaked for the past three years, destroying many of her belongings and disrupting her quality of life.

Nikkia Thompson has buckets strewn across the floor catching water leaking from the ceiling, with the most recent leak occurring on September 12.

“The water flowed for seven straight hours… the floors, the ceilings, the walls, everything was leaking so my apartment looked like a desert storm,” says Thompson.

Thompson told News 12 the leaks have been intermittent since 2018, leaving bubbles, holes and water spots on ceilings and walls.

She says she even sued the building management company for repairs.

Thompson says that for some time during the pandemic, repairs left her without a cap and calls the ongoing flooding traumatic.

“When I go to sleep I just hear the water falling, there is no water but because I have been catching water for seven hours I feel like this is what that it is, ”says Thompson.

The double coronavirus survivor with lingering health issues says she does not feel comfortable in her own home and wants to be moved to a new apartment.

Thompson says that due to the latest leak, she keeps most of her coats and clothes in the living room, taking up most of her living space.

She says management made minor repairs after the recent leak, but doesn’t think they’ll ever get to the root of the problem and would rather move.

News 12 has contacted Wavecrest Management, which oversees the building, and is awaiting a response.