Burglary at Woburn Townhouse triggers police warning

WOBURN, MA — Woburn police urged residents to be careful on Saturday after what police said was a townhouse break-in hours earlier.

The incident followed a separate, possibly related, incident last Monday in which one or more individuals appeared to have attempted to open a pair of sliding doors at another housing complex, police said.

Police said they responded early on Saturday morning to a townhouse complex near Cambridge Road following reports of a break-in and theft. They said the victims went out between 5:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. Friday to Saturday morning, only to return home to find their jewelry had been stolen.

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Police said evidence at the scene showed individuals first tried to open a rear sliding door.

“When access was not gained through the sliding door, the suspect(s) then broke a ground floor window to unlock it and gain entry,” police continued.

Find out what’s happening in Woburnwith free real-time Patch updates.

Police said they already responded to a townhouse near Bedford Road in Woburn on Monday following reports of an attempted break-in. The individuals ultimately failed to open sliding doors in the case, police said.

Police said on Saturday that the two incidents could be linked, citing their proximity to each other. They called on community members to be “extremely vigilant” with extra precautions in place when leaving their homes unattended.

Anyone with information about Monday’s attempted break-in or Saturday’s break-in can contact Woburn Police by phone at 781-933-1212, ext. 4856.

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