Dozens of residents take advantage of the health fair organized by the Villa SDA church

Many residents came to take part in the health fair

By Carlena Knight

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Residents of the Villa and Point, Yorks, Fort Road and Gambles communities turned out in droves as they took advantage of the wide range of health services offered at the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s health fair in Villa Sunday.

Under the theme “Caring for Yourself in 2022”, the event held at the grounds of Villa SDA Church on Fort Road, offered customers the opportunity to access key medical services such as pap smears, prostate and eye exams. .

Participants were also able to check their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and chat with doctors who advised them on healthy lifestyle habits.

The head of the church’s health ministries department, Oleno Knight, called the day a success.

“It was truly a great day for our neighboring communities and the church. As we know, many people cannot afford to go to the doctor or even take their children. Some can’t afford to go to a spa or even go horseback riding and it was a great feeling for me and my team to be able to offer all of these things to people.

“Health is very important and we know as a society that we have issues with high blood pressure and cholesterol etc so we had to make sure those were checked as well. We’ve seen in the last three years in particular how important that really is and we’re just trying to bring those services to people and do our bit,” Knight said.

The health fair was one of many health events the church offered to the public, as they recently wrapped up a nine-week free screening campaign.

Screenings began in Villa and moved to other communities each weekend thereafter, including Cedar Grove, where residents were able to benefit from the health checkups.