Huge New Edinburgh Hotel with New Town Approved Restaurant and Courtyard

A new, luxurious 67-room hotel with restaurant and courtyard arrives in Edinburgh New Town.

Edinburgh City Council authorized Silvermills Land and Estates to build the new hotel on Monday August 16.

The Picardie Place site currently houses a hotel, bar / restaurant and vacant rental apartments occupying two adjoining and extended former townhouses, as well as an operational public house in Broughton Street Lane.

This old townhouse is the centerpiece of a three-story basement and a classic-style sandstone-built attic designed by Robert Burn in 1803.

In addition to the hotel and restaurant, the renovation of the B-rated townhouses will also include the erection of a mezzanine platform and a courtyard roof.

Plans of the courtyard of the new hotel

Historic Environment Scotland opposed the proposal during the early stages of planning in February this year.

However, they said on the planning request that developments since then have addressed their concerns and they have withdrawn their objection.

They said: “In February 2021, we opposed the LBC bid for the proposals for these two listed buildings.

“We had no concerns about the principle of the candidacy, but considered that the plans were insensitive and would have had a significantly negative impact on the listed buildings and their associated stables.

“Since February we have received additional information on the previous conversion of the buildings, in particular the treatment of the British Order of Free Gardeners Hall. We have also received a revised set of designs that partially address our previous concerns.

“Overall, these revisions are enough for us to withdraw our objection. However, we still have considerable concerns with the diet and believe that improvements would be beneficial. “

The council granted permission for the new hotel on August 16.

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