Traffic and parking issues in Islamorada prompted village council members to consider a potential property on Upper Matecumbe Key.

Concerns were expressed at a recent council meeting, however, over where the money was coming from for the property located at 81981 Overseas Highway. The stage is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, July 21 at 5:30 p.m. for a special meeting to discuss whether to submit an offer before an impending deadline.

At a previous meeting in April, council members asked staff to investigate the property with a suggested price of $ 2.15 million. It is listed by Retail Net Real Estate and the offer deadline is Wednesday July 21.

Mayor Buddy Pinder, who kicked off a discussion at a July 1 meeting, acknowledged the village’s parking limitations, especially on Upper Matecumbe Key, where the majority of businesses are located. Pinder said business owners have expressed frustration with cars parking in their places to go elsewhere.

“I thought we could do a parking lot, a public-private partnership where the village gets a check,” he said. “It would be a park and ride like Freebee, which picks them up there and they can have it delivered to Florida Keys Brewing Co. or Islamorada Beer Company or the (green) turtle or wherever they go, so that’s “I’ll take the traffic off the road.

Village director Greg Oravec said the council should ask itself two questions: “Can you buy it and should you buy it?” “

– As for you, there is money in the general fund. Without a strategic plan, vision and priorities, it becomes difficult to assess whether or not this is the highest priority, ”he said.

Oravec said a local business owner was among the group of interested bidders for the property. Oravec said that if the bidder was lucky enough to secure the property, they would make it available to the village at their own expense. In turn, he would take all of the business development rights associated with the property as part of the transfer.


Oravec then asked if parking in the village was a higher priority than affordable housing. He suggested a parking structure with additional affordable housing.

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