Juan Román Riquelme praises Sebastián Villa and analyzes Boca’s gift: ‘Whoever wins is always the best’

Juan roman riquelmeVice President and Head of the Football Council of boca, spoke after Xeneize’s victory on penalties against Racing and his qualification for the final of the Professional League Cup. “Whoever wins is always the best“, underlined the ex-footballer, who underlined the level of Sebastien Villa, denounced a few days ago for sexual abuse and attempted murder of a young woman.

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“I am not crazy, when the team isn’t playing well, I have no problem acknowledging it. But when the team is playing well, I don’t feel the same euphoria telling them,” Riquelme said in an interview on ESPN and I add:In Bolivia, he played very well, against Defense and Justice too. Against Tigre, now a finalist, he had a great match”.

Level of League Cup teams

“The championship was equal, no team made a very clear difference.”

“Argentine football is very complicated. To date, the best team in Argentina is the one that won the last tournament and, from Sunday, Boca or Tigre will be the best. Whoever wins is always the champion is the best”.

About Villa Sebastian

Riquelme praised Sebastián Villa’s level and made no mention of the Colombian footballer’s legal situation. “He continues to show that he is the best player in Argentine football. He looks very calm, very good.

“He gets along wonderfully with Fabra. He knows when Frank is going to race and vice versa.

“Villa has maintained the level for two and a half years, we only have words of thanks. He has been there for two and a half years, he has never thrown himself on the stretcher, he has not stopped training for a single day. As professionals we have to take our hats off, what happens off the pitch is another matter. He’s an athlete and he looks calm, he’s having fun, he helps us a lot. His growth depends only on him. It will make more of a difference every day.

Sebastian Villa, Boca player (AP, Natacha Pisarenko).

What do you like the most in Boca?

I would like them to play all the games like we did with Defense and Justice or with Always Ready in Bolivia. It made me happy when many football players played with Tiger who had never played before. As they continue to add minutes, they will continue to post. We think we have formed a great team. »

“Guys get used to having those moments. It makes you grow as a footballer, as a group. To reach a final, you have to suffer. It was our turn with Racing”.

We need a little more to say that we are a great team”.

Boca’s penalty shootout streak

“Every time we go to the penalty shootout, I’m convinced that everything will be fine for us. If it’s luck? It’s a bit and a bit… it hits well, goalkeepers and luck also play in one way or the other”.

“Take advantage of penalties. Sometimes he feels more comfortable on penalties than in games. It’s like Óscar Córdoba, who before the definition came and told us that 1 or 2 would save”.

“Agustin Rossi has been well for a long time and, when he was not there, Javi García responded very well”.

Boca review

“If you turn on the TV, from Monday to Friday, Boca is the one who plays the worst. We should be last and fight for relegation. If Boca and Tigre are in the final, it’s because they did things well.

“We have been at the club for 2 and a half years and we know where we are: all the big things achieved, all the little problems make them grow”.

On Frank Fabra’s performance

“There he scores a great goal against Rosario Central like only he can, then he looks at the crowd and the rival’s ‘7’ scores a goal for you. But he will go down in history as one of the best full-backs in the history of Boca”.

About Edwin Cardona

“I would have liked to see him much more on Saturday, no matter how much he makes us suffer. I will always wish him the best. Whenever he has to enter Racing, I want him to do well”.

The farewell party

“I was doing it and I made the decision to try to come back to the club and it all ended there. The fan decided I could come back and I appreciate it a lot. We see if we have the chance to do so. to do in December, after the World Cup. It would be nice to be able to close this moment.

Your new leadership role

“Happiness is much bigger than before. After election day, it’s a gift for me. This gift was given to me by the fans. I could have given them a game, a goal or a blowjob “They clearly mean a lot to me. It was my duty to defend these colors as well as possible”.

“Before, the technical director chose me. This decision, which I send back to the club, belongs to all the fans. I am in the club that I love, my home, my place. The fan loves me too much, I don’t know why they love me so much. They trust me and I trust them. I’m a fan like them. Now it’s their club.

“The day we beat Real Madrid we were very happy. But the day we won the elections and returned to the club, I think I felt even more happiness.

Boca Pass Market

“We think we are integrating well, but we are always aware of what is happening. We are talking with the Football Council people and with the coach and we will try to improve everything we can. We are very happy with what we have brought and the level of the junior boys who are growing up”.

“If we have the possibility of bringing in a player to improve the squad, we will do so.”

“Varela, Molinas, Zeballos, Vázquez and many other boys are doing very well and we have to take care of them. Don’t kill them when they’re not playing so well or put them so high when things are going well. We have to take it step by step, take care of them”.

About the situation of Sebastián Battaglia

“I can see Battaglia clearly. He is happy, it is his house. Being a footballer is not the same as managing.

“He has to get used to the fact that when the team does more or less, they’re going to come after him. More at Boca”.

“As the games go on, he feels very comfortable.”

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