Lafayette tenant says there’s been no air conditioning in the apartment for two years; insensitive claims management | KTVE

LAFAYETTE, The (KLFY) – Residents living in an apartment complex on the south side of Lafayette have experienced what it’s like to live without air conditioning.

Lekeisha Thomas lives at Pinhook South Apartments and says she’s had enough after not running AC for over two years.

According to Thomas, several maintenance requests to fix his broken air conditioning unit were swept under the rug or completely ignored.

She says she had to deal with the problem under the old management and now the new management.

“When someone else came we reported the problem and I mean nothing was done.”

News Ten contacted management but could not reach anyone.

A sign posted on the office door stated that the main office was closed until further notice.

When asked how she relied on the heat, Thomas said she had two fans that circulated the hot air and sometimes had to sit in her car to cool down.

“Right when it turns around 2pm, that’s when the heat index goes down, so I’m sitting in the car for about 2-3 hours.”

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