Man arrested after threatening to set fire to apartment building, police say

A Christmas Day standoff with metro police ended with a man in custody.

Police and firefighters surrounded a house in northwest Oklahoma City where, according to police, a man was inside and threatened to burn the building with everyone inside.

This impasse lasted several hours.

Police flushed out the suspect with tear gas.

calling 911: “I just want to make sure my tenants are okay?” The next door neighbor just informed me that there is a fire or something? “

Neighbors and a worried owner have sounded the alarm after learning of a potential fire threat in a triplex.

“They started knocking on the windows. A man shouted at them that he was inside, setting fire to the place and that he was going to burn it with himself inside, ”said Oklahoma Police Master Sgt. City. Gary Chevalier.

A few hours later, surrounded by police officers in tactical gear.

Officers said Derrick Jones refused to come out.

Police: “Derrick Jones, this is the Oklahoma City Police Department. We need you to come outside with your hands up so that we can help you.

“The man refused to come out, he was still trying to set the compound down there. There was smoke in a residence to which they responded,” Knight said.

According to court documents, Jones’ mother told police her son, who did not live in the apartment building, suffered from a mental illness.

She said earlier today that Jones “was acting strangely carrying a knife”.

“At one point our tactical unit introduced OC gas into the apartment which forced the man out and surrender peacefully,” Knight said.

Jones is being held in Oklahoma County Jail on $ 500,000 bail for threatening to commit an act of violence.

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