Man Breaks Into St. Paul’s Apartment, Woman Fatally Stabbed

Saint-Paul police are investigating a stabbing at Larpenteur Villa Apartments on Sunday afternoon. (FOX 9)

A 38-year-old man was charged Monday with breaking into a woman’s apartment in St. Paul over the weekend and stabbing her to death.

Maurice Smith was charged Monday with two counts of second degree murder and one count of first degree burglary in the stabbing death of Tina McCombs, 48.

According to the charges, at around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, the Saint-Paul police officers responded to a call to 911 concerning a stabbing in an apartment in block 100 of avenue Larpenteur. Upon arrival, they located McCombs on the apartment bedroom floor, unconscious with a puncture wound to her chest. Doctors arrived and declared her dead at the scene.

Parts of the apartment door and the lock were found scattered around the entrance.

According to the charges, McCombs’ boyfriend told investigators he was dozing in the living room and McCombs was in the bedroom when a guy kicked the apartment door open. McCombs came out of the bedroom as the man entered the apartment.

McCombs reportedly shouted, “What’s wrong with you?” to the man, who then raised his arm and stabbed at her.

McCombs’ boyfriend said he heard her say “Ouch,” then the man ran away. She returned to the bedroom and her boyfriend said he heard a thud as she fell to the floor.

McCombs’ boyfriend told investigators he saw the suspect nearby and believed the man was homeless.

Hours later, police located the suspect, identified as Smith, outside a house several miles from the scene of the stabbing assault. He was treated at the regional hospital for exposure. After being medically cleared to leave the hospital, he was taken to the police headquarters and eventually arrested.

Investigators learned that Smith and McCombs were friends on Facebook. McCombs’ boyfriend identified Smith as the one who broke into the apartment and killed his girlfriend.

Smith admitted that he went to McCombs that day “to kill her”. He said he looked in several different apartments before finding her.

He admitted to killing McCombs. The Ramsey County medical examiner determined that McCombs died from multiple stab wounds to the chest which resulted in her death.

Smith has six previous felony convictions.