Man caught on camera stealing mailboxes from Midtown apartment

Residents of a Midtown Atlanta condominium have had enough after a man broke into mailboxes and made off with mail and personal information.

“A little bit of disbelief. You’re a little surprised that someone could be so bold and cheeky,” Nate Mark said.

Surveillance video shows the times a man entered the Juniper Lofts and made his way inside the mailboxes.

“A lot of things were stolen including a check for a thousand dollars, a newly renewed passport, medications they needed and a host of other things,” Mark said.

Nate Mark is a member of the building’s board and said it was alarming.

“It’s very frustrating. You see a lot of things going on all over town and downtown,” Mark said.

What’s even more frustrating is that a similar incident happened a few months ago.

FOX 5 first reported surveillance video showing food delivery drivers helping themselves to packages left for residents at the same compound.

“The police don’t seem to take these crimes seriously or they are dragging their feet,” Mark said.

Mark said they were already working on ways to make sure nothing like this happens again.

“We have additional costs and have made sure our building is secure. Other downtown buildings need to take note and make sure their building is secure,” Mark said.

The police confirm that they are investigating the case.

Anyone with information about any of the cases is urged to call the Atlanta Police Department.