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SCHENECTADY – A coalition of local banks and developers working to expand living options in the city is preparing to begin its next phase of development along Barrett Street.

Live-In Schenectady, a coalition of 15 local organizations, including The Daily Gazette, is seeking to build 15 single-family townhouses on seven plots directly across from Barrett Village, a series of townhouses built by the group in 2019.

“This is part of the initial project which was already approved several years ago,” said John Roth, CEO of Plank Construction, the company overseeing the development of the project.

Properties slated for redevelopment include: 1128, 1132, 1136, 1140, 1144, 1171 and 1175 Barrett St.

Live-In Schenectady was created in 2015 to fight the plague and restore neighborhoods by building new houses on vacant land owned by the city.

The group pledged millions to build more than a dozen two-phase units along Barrett Street in 2015 and purchased 19 city-owned lots for more than $ 200,000 to move the project forward.

The causeway sits close to the city’s active thoroughfares, including Union Street and Erie Boulevard, but has seen little development compared to surrounding neighborhoods, making it the ideal candidate for redevelopment, Roth said.

“We thought it would be a good boost to help the surrounding neighborhoods,” he said.

The properties in Barrett Village have all been sold and there is a strong demand for additional housing in the area, according to Roth.

The latest plans call for the construction of 15 homes between 1,400 and 1,500 square feet across seven units, which is slightly smaller than the 1,600 square foot homes in Barrett Village.

The city’s planning commission is expected to consider the proposal at its January 19 meeting.

Roth said a construction schedule has yet to be finalized and will depend on issues currently plaguing the supply chain, which have driven the cost of building materials up in recent months.

A potential asking price for each townhouse has yet to be determined, but Roth expects each unit to sell for around $ 280,000, which was the average selling price for homes in Barrett Village. A listing price will be determined by the final construction costs.

Roth said the townhouses along Barrett Street have attracted interest from all walks of life, including empty nests and young families looking for their first home, which he attributed to the ongoing development of the city and its overall quality of life.

“I just think it’s a great place to live and raise our family,” he said.

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