‘Peerless’ – Aston Villa fans react to key contract claim

Ashley Young wants to stay at Aston Villa. That’s according to The Times who say the 36-year-old is not only ‘open’ to extending his career at Villa Park, but has ‘tremendous respect’ for Villa boss Steven Gerrard.

The feeling seems mutual, with Gerrard revealing a few weeks ago: “There is still a lot to discuss and there is no rush but I will make it clear that we are very happy with him.”

All of this points to more Villa appearances for a player who will celebrate his 37th birthday in July and played his last game in the 0-0 draw at Leicester City at the weekend.

Villa fans have reacted to the possibility of a new deal – and have been positive about the news.

LisaStar: Worth another year, it can cover so many positions

Jason Peters: Is the experience and knowledge of the game is unmatched, children can learn a lot of great things to have around the place

Giles Barr-Thomson: Bring back sour and stay young

Put more youngsters in our first team increase the overall size of our team

Let them learn from these guys

Then after a year let them move on to mls or coaching roles

Nick Howlet: One more year, think he deserves it

Gary Horsburg: Good professional. Good to have in the dressing room. Good to give it another season in my opinion

Chris Quin: And then there are people complaining that Coutinho is 30 years old. Like players can play till 37 or 38 why not keep ’em

Gareth Charlie: Offers nothing on the ground

Justin Whitby: Yeah worth another year

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