People are still worried about Easton’s new building | Lehigh Valley Regional News

EASTON, Pennsylvania. – A controversial apartment building project opposed by City Council last year has been reviewed by developers and is back under consideration in Easton.

In October, the city council rejected plans by ANR Development to construct a five-story building at 34 and 42 South Sixth Street.

Officials said they felt the project did not fit.

Now the plans have been revised to meet the requirements of the historic district ordinance, but that hasn’t ended the controversy.

Neighborhood residents held a block party to protest the revised plan over the weekend.

They argue that the building is still too big and does not fit the neighborhood.

“It’s way too big and the parking challenges way too intense for the current conditions,” said Emanuel Jordan.

“We tried to restore this neighborhood, seeing its charm enhanced rather than destroyed,” added Kira Buxton.

Easton Mayor Sal Panto said the matter was now in the hands of the historical commission.

He recently reviewed the new development plan and believes the revisions meet “the letter” of the city’s historic district ordinance.

“I believe they took into consideration a lot of the initial concerns of the residents. A lot of my initial concerns, where it was just a five-story square building, now it’s more like a three-story building, and 28 feet back, he climbed to the fourth and fifth floors.”

The Historic District Commission will review the plan Monday night and make a recommendation to city council on whether or not to approve the project.