Share Village Downtown Tenants Feel Abandoned After Non-Profit Cessation | New

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – There are approximately 120 tenants at Share Village 1 on Las Vegas Boulevard. The signs of the complex still bear the same name of Share Village, but the association has essentially left. Residents of the low-income complex are now wondering if they will be able to stay.

“Fear. Animosity. Anger. Hurt,” Resident Robert Holloway said of his emotions on Wednesday. “It’s like you’ve been punched in the heart.”

Holloway is one of Share Village’s many veterans. He said there is a strong sense of community and support at the resort. “And until recently, you had that sense of leadership as well.”

The pantry inside the office was once stocked with different foods and water, but now there are only a few loaves of bread left.

Residents said the nonprofit suddenly moved all of their belongings last month. They then received a letter from Share Village, saying that the nonprofit would no longer conduct day-to-day operations because Share Village chief Arnold Stalk was suffering from long-term symptoms of his infection with the COVID-19 last year.

In turn, this leaves already vulnerable residents in the dark about their future.

“If we have to move, when is it going to be? Is there someone who is going to help someone find permanent accommodation?” Holloway said.

Now it is left in the hands of the owner of the building, YSBM Investment, who has never managed the apartment complex since Share took control over a decade ago.

The owners told residents in a letter that Stalk “had wrongly suggested that there would be a transition in the management of the veterans village from Share to YSBM Investment LLC.”

The company sued Share Village for breach of its contract, but a judge on Tuesday dismissed the YSMB’s request to appoint a new person to manage the property while the case is resolved. This means that the owner will have to hire or manage the resort on a low income.

Holloway and others worry about the conflict, they are abandoned.

“The answers will go a long way in giving us some peace of mind,” he said. “None of the residents here have a perfect life, if they had it they wouldn’t be here. There is no reason for any of the residents here to be put in this position.”

Share Village said they are in talks with the owner.

FOX5 asked if they plan to resume operations in the future or if they are leaving for good. A spokesperson said they will have an update when negotiations are completed. For now, residents feel left in limbo.

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