Simcoe townhouses ready for approval

Nine units offered for First Avenue

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A nine townhouse development in North Simcoe passed another hurdle last week and is set to be approved at an upcoming Norfolk council meeting.

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The 1.4 acre parcel located at 44 First Avenue West was dezoned from commercial to residential service in December.

Norfolk council held the first Planning Act meeting on Wednesday to review the townhouses themselves. The hearing went off without complications and no one raised any objections.

The next step is for Norfolk planning staff to prepare a final report, with recommendations, to be presented at an upcoming council meeting.

“The proposed subdivision is an excellent example of infill and intensification,” said planning consultant Mary Elder, representative of the applicant, in a report to the county public hearings committee. “It offers housing options that help the county meet its housing goals. “

The development sponsor is 1694467 Ontario Inc., which is on behalf of Ike Keesmaat. At stake are two rows of freehold townhouses. One row has six units while the other has three units. All will face the street in the East Street and First Avenue West area.

The only potential complication at this point is a trailer storage yard immediately north of the proposed development at the intersection of East Street and First Avenue West.

The Environment Department recommends minimal separation of residential areas from industrial areas, but Elder, in his report, does not see much potential for conflict.

“On the north side of First Avenue, there is an industrial storage yard made up of trailers that have been on site for some time,” Elder says.

“There is little to no change or movement over the past 20 years depending on the owner.”

Regardless, Elder says the townhouse development meets the MOE recommended minimum separation of 20 meters for new housing developments in light industrial uses.

Given the lack of feedback from public agencies and private citizens, the housing proposal goes to the next stage. This involves a final report from planning staff with a recommended way forward based on relevant provincial planning principles and policies.

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