Suburban Dallas man admits killing his ex-girlfriend in his College Station apartment – Reuters

Photo of the Brazos County Courthouse taken on May 3, 2022.

Photo by Cristian Gonzalez from
Photo by Cristian Gonzalez from

A suburban Dallas man has admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend in her College Station apartment nearly two years ago.

But prosecutors say Cristian Gonzales, 24, of Lewisville, has not said why he stabbed and strangled Angie Saucedo, 19, after a six-month relationship.

Gonzales was sentenced to 50 years as part of a plea deal with the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office.

A DA’s press release said there was video of Gonzales throwing the victim’s phone and other items containing his blood into a trash can in Bryan Walmart’s west parking lot.

Brazos County District Attorney’s Office Press Release:

Cristian Gonzalez, 24, of Lewisville, Texas, was sentenced to 50 years in prison by Judge John Brick. Gonzalez’s sentence follows a guilty plea for the murder of Angie Saucedo, Gonzalez’s ex-girlfriend.

On October 6, 2020, College Station police responded to a 911 phone call from Angie’s roommate. The roommate reported that Angie’s mother called her worried because she couldn’t reach Angie. The roommate entered through the closed door of Angie’s bedroom and found her dead. The roommate reported that Angie’s ex-boyfriend, the defendant, had come to visit, and the last time she heard from Angie was with the defendant.

The police contacted the accused at the home of Angie’s mother. The defendant claimed to have heard of Angie’s death and wanted to pay tribute to the family. Police questioned the accused who claimed Angie was alive when he left College Station. Gonzalez said the only stop he made on the way back to Lewisville was to buy a bottle of water from Wal-Mart.

A subsequent investigation at the Bryan Wal Mart showed the accused on surveillance video throwing items into the parking lot trash can. A search of the trash revealed Angie’s phone, paper towels consistent with what was found at Angie’s residence, and latex gloves. Each item was eventually determined to have Angie’s blood on it. The inside of the gloves was swabbed for DNA, which was found to match the defendant’s DNA profile. Angie’s blood was later found on the shoes recovered from the accused.

Phone records and phone downloads of both victim and defendant revealed that the defendant attempted to cover up his murder by texting Angie’s cellphone within hours of him having threw the phone in the Wal-Mart trash can.

An investigator from the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office interviewed the defendant’s mother. In this interview, the defendant’s mother shared with the investigator information that Cristian had claimed to have learned from the police about Angie’s death. This information had not been revealed publicly or to Gonzalez, and would have been known only to the killer.

The accused had no criminal history. Angie’s family worked with the district attorney’s office throughout the case and plea. During the plea, Angie’s family expressed their thoughts and grief about the devastation her death had on them all, and that no number of years or sentence would be enough for what the accused did. The family also read a letter Angie wrote a few months before her death. In the letter, Angie expressed how grateful she was for her family and the defendant, and her hopes that the future with the defendant was going to be bright because he was going to bring changes in her life.

This case was investigated by the College Station Police Department, led by Sergeant Mike Clark and Detective Robert Wilson, with assistance from the Irving Police Department and the County Attorney’s Office. from Dallas. A follow-up investigation was conducted by Investigator Michael Johse of the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office.

Assistant District Attorneys Jessica Escue and Kristin Burns said, “Angie was the shining star of her family’s universe. His senseless murder resulted in a loss that no family should suffer. We hope that this condemnation will bring them some semblance of peace and justice.