Three children die of cold and dehydration, 25 sick in Madhya Pradesh village

Three children died after showing symptoms such as colds and dehydration while 25 others were being treated for similar problems in a village in Panna district, Madhya Pradesh, a health official said on Tuesday.

“In the village of Pushottampur in the district, three children aged two to three fell ill a few days ago. They had a cold and diarrhea. They were treated at home. Two children… died on June 27… while… (the third) died on July 2, ”said RS Pandey, Chief Medical Officer of Panna. “Their families performed their last rites without informing the authorities. So we did not have the opportunity to take samples from these children for Covid 19 testing. We learned about it on Monday after a few villagers informed us, ”Pandey said.

He said the other children, ages one to eight who have similar symptoms, tested negative for Covid after a rapid antigen test. “We also sent their swab samples for RT-PCR testing.”

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A team of doctors began their treatment. “Surprisingly, only the children are sick. The symptoms of the disease are similar to those of Covid 19, but we cannot confirm this without a test report, ”Pandey said.

The team of doctors was dispatched to the village with officials from the departments of women’s and children’s development and the panchayat and rural development on Tuesday.

Udal Singh, project manager of the Department of Women and Child Development, said one of the deceased children was malnourished and his full body exam was performed at the Panna Nutritional Rehabilitation Center on June 24. . “He was perfectly fine.”

The child’s father, Babulal Adiwasi, said he worked as a laborer. “Due to the confinement (of the Covid-19), I returned to the village in April. I am facing the worst financial crisis. My son Sanjay and my niece Rashmi got sick. We didn’t have the money to take them to town for treatment. But all of a sudden, their condition deteriorated and they died within a week. “

Manoj Kushwaha, a resident of the village, said the deaths caused panic in the village. “Many families have locked themselves and their children in their homes since the deaths last week.”