Villa Lulu opens in New Haven serving tasty Italian classics

NEW HAVEN, CT – Residents of New Haven have a new place to indulge in tasty food. Villa Lulu recently opened to the public at 230 College St. The restaurant specializes in old-school Italian classics in a contemporary and warm setting.

Located in historic downtown New Haven at The Shops at Yale, next to the restaurant group’s popular Latin restaurant Pacifico, the cuisine at Villa Lulu is led by Executive Chef Denis Marukovich whose cooking credo includes cooking with Celebrity Chef Andy Nusser from the popular Enoteca Tarry Lodge in Westport and New Haven.

According to the owners, the restaurant’s cuisine is reminiscent of a neighborhood Italian café. Antipasti include eggplant meatballs in tomato sauce and ricotta and pistachio pesto, salumi and Italian cheeses, and sundried tomato arancini with spicy Calabrian aioli. Pizza specialties range from the classic Margherita with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil to homemade creations such as the decadent guanciale with a fried egg with black truffle oil.

Villa Lulu offers a variety of pasta dishes including a variety of comforting flavors including a rustic-style bucatini amatriciana with guanciale bacon, red onions, tomato sauce and grated pecorino, as well as pappardelle ribbons fresh coated in short rib stew, parmesan and salsa verde.

Fresh market fish and meat dishes have all the notes, as in the pollo scarparielio prepared with amish marinated chicken, Italian sausages, red and yellow peppers, Calabrian peppers and a sweet and tangy sauce.

A bright branzino puttanesca served with a salad of sliced ​​fennel, seasonal heirloom tomatoes, capers and olives illustrates the lighter side of the menu.

Traditional and new school Italian desserts are prepared on site and feature seasonal ingredients and flavor profiles.

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