Visit a colorful designer Brooklyn townhouse

Although interior designer Fawn Galli typically draws for others, she has found the process of creating her family’s Brooklyn townhouse to be an exercise in self-discovery. What is more, for Galli, decorating the house brought her closer to her “ultimate conquest of life”, which is “to live [my] life as closely to whom [I am] as possible. The resulting space is a mixture of his various aesthetic interests.

Inside the house, Galli juxtaposes glamor and bohemian elements to create an interior that intentionally incorporates clashes. He was informed by his design philosophy, which, she explains, is based on five core elements: nature, eclecticism, a rule-less attitude, and a resounding love of surrealism and disco. More precisely, she was inspired by the architect Eileen Gray, Salvador Dalí and “strange assemblages of objects that make you wonder where you are”.

Initially, Galli struggled to design a space for his family as opposed to a client. Her kids had a say when it came to their bedrooms, and as a colourist she wasn’t sure if she was going to satisfy her son’s desire for a black and white space. The compromise nevertheless reigned over the day and Galli finally opted for blue, black and white fabrics for his son’s bedroom.

When the sun hits the glass at the right time, a yellow light is cast in the dining room. The Modloft Sullivan Reflective Dining Table further brightens the space. Around the table are industrial dining chairs Galvanitas S17. The artwork above the bench is by Guillaume Paturel, while the pieces around the fireplace are by Roy Lichtenstein.

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The designer’s husband, architect Julio Salcedo, designed the clean, contemporary bookcases as well as the airy layout of the townhouse. Shade-dyed curtains and bohemian pillows in the living room sit alongside geometric chairs. Nearby, a lush jungle wallpaper that Galli commissioned from Eskayel leaves an impression of greenery seeping inside. (The wallpaper is also reminiscent of Galli’s nature-focused childhood, spent in a home with no electricity or plumbing in California.) Elsewhere, a glamorous 1970s-style bedroom is the product of Galli’s personal taste for metallic details and the unusual elements: the fixture pairs well with a shiny geometric bedspread, while an upholstered sleigh bed can’t help but stand out. Due to its enduring relationships with artisans around the world, many of the house’s items have been created by international artisans. This is the case with finds from the flea market as well as half a dozen handmade rugs from Marrakech.

Importantly, in order to balance the generally limited natural light found in townhouses, Galli whitened the herringbone floors and added bright materials such as silk and metals. Her favorite part of the structure is the yellow stained glass window which casts a sunny glow into a room. As for her kids and husband, they love the working fireplace, the hot tub in the backyard, and the overall feeling of space. Clearly, it is a family home that caters to the needs of all of its inhabitants.

Tim Prentice’s yellow feathered sculpture in the kitchen is an emblem of Galli’s bohemian flair. Above is a pendant light from Original to Home. ABC Stone’s polished river jade countertop is paired with glossy white cabinets from IKEA. The refrigerator is a Subzero model, while the stove is from Blue Star.

The bedroom includes a Beni Ourain rug and a vintage Poul Henningsen pendant light. The fabric of the blind is Hello Yarrow Natural by Abigail Borg; the FGI Design personalized headboard is covered with Dedar’s Adamo and Eva.

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