West Kelowna approves townhouse development for Lake Shannon – West Kelowna News

Townhouse construction approved

West Kelowna City Council has voted to approve a 72 townhouse development on the shores of Lake Shannon.

The project at 2749 Shannon Lake Road is directly adjacent to another townhouse development under construction.

Council voted on Tuesday to approve development permits for the project, with only the Council. Carol Zanon voted against, citing parking concerns.

“I’m very, very uncomfortable with the parking situation,” she said.

The layout includes the 114 spaces required by the regulations, two per unit, plus 14 spaces for visitors and five loading stations.

Zanon said she was concerned that residents of the development were making inventive use of all pitches and spilling over onto land intended to access a new waterfront public park on the shores of Lake Shannon.

Com. Rick de Jong noted that Shannon Lake Road is a thoroughfare that does not allow on-street parking.

“I don’t want to see this spill on Shannon Lake Road. That’s my big concern,” he said. “I want to see Shannon Lake Road, signed, no parking.”

He said buyers of the development will need to know what they are buying into and know that there is no option for overflow parking.

The development will be built in three phases, starting from the lake.

When the property was rezoned in 2019, land along the shores of Lake Shannon was designated as parkland and a right of way for pedestrians was registered.

Waterfront park improvements include a fishing pier, picnic tables, benches and the paved parking area that connects to the townhouse development next door.